Enjoy big and young chubby bears




One Fuzzy Butt, Slightly Used

This weekend, fuzzbutt and I had a rope-and-whip session.  I tied him in blue rope in the spirit of UK’s basketball awesomeness—thigh to calf to wrist to opposite ankle, a single long rope for each side of the pattern.  Then, once he was all face down and more-or-less helpless, I stuffed a dirty jockstrap in his mouth and set about, very literally, whipping his ass.  Gingers tend to be hard to mark without very heavy thud impact, and fuzzbutt’s no exception, but his ass started to show stripes before we were done.  He took it all very well, considering how hard I had to hit him to raise those welts.

Fun times!

This was me and it was tons of fun.

Side note: you might be a masochist when you describe that experience as tons of fun.